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Employment Network Support Recommendation

On June 11, 2013, Municipal Council approved the Employment Program Support, on a pilot basis for one year, with the Employment Sector Council London Middlesex and the London Middlesex Immigrant Council, with an option to extend the pilot for one (1) additional year, based on the year-end update and subject to a source of financing.
Community Economic Development


The Civic Administration believes that employment support programs play a vital role in the wellbeing and sense of community in London, and as a result, recommends that the joint proposal receive City funding in the amount of $101,980 for the first year of program delivery, by way of salary support.

Related Proposals:
Employment Sector Council London Middlesex and London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council.

The joint proposal to receive City funding in the amount of $101,980 for the first year of program delivery. The success rate of both programs will be re-evaluated after one year for a potential 2nd yr. funding in the amount of $105,669.

London’s prosperity rides on all Londoners working. Matching job seekers with the right job is critical to the growth of the local economy. There are many benefits to the two organisations as they collaboratively work to efficiently match the unemployed with proper jobs and match employers with properly skilled workers which in turn fill labour shortages and raise productivity. These two organisations strive to reduce the unemployment rate and ultimately support the growth of the local economy.

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